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Kipper is as curious as all cats are - and he loves fish! So where better for him to be than the Scottish Fisheries Museum where he can scamper amongst the fishing nets, boxes and barrels, get cosy next to the stove below decks, and sample all those tasty scraps of herring, cod and mackerel?

Along the way, he finds masses of interesting and intriguing objects to puzzle over and play with - and now he wants to share them with you.

Have a look at Kipper’s blog, stories and arty ideas. He’ll be adding items as he goes, so come back and see what’s new and follow Kipper on the museum’s social media pages.

Kipper’s Collections

Join Kipper as he explores every corner of the museum and learn more about his favourite things in his blog:

Blog 1 - Narwhal Tooth

Blog 2 - The Reaper

Blog 3 - Haunted Sea Boots

Kipper's Gansey Adventure comic
Kipper with fish in his mouth
Kipper with gansey for colouring

Herring Tales

Before lockdown, Kipper sailed all over Scotland to find his special gansey knitted by a herring lass he met in Anstruther. You can follow his adventures in his very own comic, listen to some magical stories from around the coast and then design your own gansey for Kipper to wear.

Click on the images above to go straight to the resources or find them all at Knitting the Herring - Herring Tales.

If Kipper has inspired you to pick up your knitting needles, then choose some colourful wool and head over to the How To section of Knitting the Herring to find a range of projects and patterns, and some tutorial videos to get you started.

Maths and More

Kipper loves his gansey so much because of the beautiful patterns that have been knitted into it. When he looks closely, he can see lots of shapes that remind him of the sea and his salty adventures.

Why not download one of our Maths Week Challenges and have a look for yourself - see if you can follow the co-ordinates or crack the gansey code:

Gansey Maths Week Challenge 1 (P1 - 5)

Gansey Maths Week Challenge 2 (P5-7)

Teach Me Tuesday

After all that running around the museum, Kipper loves to curl up in the warm boat’s bunk and watch a video - and maybe even get some ideas for his next adventure. Have a look and see what you find to inspire you from our Teach Me Tuesday lockdown activity archive on Facebook.

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