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Just a few of the comments from our Visitor’s Book:


“Excellent museum. Easy to follow and well laid out.” 15/3/19

“This is our 10th time here and I never get bored!” 28/3/19

“My daughter and I have really enjoyed visiting the museum, we have enjoyed doing a quiz together, reading about all the interesting things in the museum.” 8/4/19

“What a museum! Interactive for all ages. Can’t recommend highly enough! Amazing!” 15/4/19

“What a wonderfully designed museum - accessibility is fantastic. Much appreciated!” 12/6/19


“Wonderful. Really enjoyed going round. Great information and very well put together - great surprises round every corner. Thank you!!” 4/8/18

“A fantastic museum. Well worth a second visit - so informative. Something for everyone.” 9/8/18

“2nd visit as didn’t have time for everything 1st visit. Very nice that you can get a free pass to return. Great place, many thanks!” 15/8/18

“Been coming here since I was c. 3 years old, from London. It gets better and better and holds a deep place in my affections as well as inspiring creative ideas for future projects.” 21/8/18

“Just amazing, such a great learning place for us and our 4 kids!” 19/10/18


“One of the best museums visited. Highly informative and interesting, also humbling. Thank-you” 30/9/17

“A really fantastic museum. Thank-you for creating such an amazing record and for making it so accessible for all of us.” 23/9/17

“Amazing museum, been here nearly 3 hours and could have stayed longer.” 11/9/17

“It is very fun and a good laugh to find all the clues for the hunts, thank-you.” 14/4/17

“Very informative and well presented. We were recommended to come here and will recommend it on. Great place for all ages.” 15/1/17

“What an amazing museum, it’s always a pleasure to return every year! Always enjoyable. Thank-you for an amazing museum.” 8/1/17


“Very good, interesting and a good day with the family. There is a boat from where we live in North Uist!” 30/12/16

“Came here on a whim and was utterly enthralled! I am now a master knotter (is that even a word?!). Thank-you for the knowledge gained.” 10/12/16

“Lovely museum - so much to see! We especially enjoyed the dress up and seeing the ship’s beds. Fauzia loved getting a shot in the captain’s seat too! Will definitely come back soon!” 10/9/16

“So very interesting; what a hard life the fishermen lived and also their wives.” 12/5/16

“Great museum and very buggy-friendly!” 31/3/16


“Absolutely stunning! Days worth of stimulation – so much to see, hear and understand. An absolute cornucopia to be dipped into + digested. We love our fish – but it is even more valued when we see what our fishermen go through to bring it home for us to eat!”

“The paintings also add to the bounty on offer to us all. Engineering and boat building beyond my comprehension or understanding – bet the sailors absolutely LOVE/RESPECT what is here. Inverness” 15/5/15

“Absolutely brilliant. Not what you expect from outside and well worth entry fee. Layout and variety of objects is great. Very informative, Good Disabled Access. Will be back x” 11/5/15

“Amazingly large! Was not expecting this much interesting content” 1/4/15

“A wonderful place to get a view of the past. Really enjoyed the experience.” 18/3/15

“It was an education in fishing culture. Especially enjoyed the stories around superstitious beliefs of fishermen” 30/1/15


“This Museum is epic I would come here every day of my life if I could!” 17 /10/14

“Fantastic displays and far bigger than I expected. Really is a gem of an attaction. Well done!” 6/10/14

“This place is really a hidden gem - its awesome - loved the little dollies to hunt down - children loved it!” 7/9/14

“Second visit in four days, absolutely riveting we really enjoyed it.” 5/9/14

“Very well laid out with good disabled access and and enough seats around for those who need the occassional sit down! ” 1/8/14

“Great museum for young and old. Children loved to see Please Touch”. 14/7/14

“Fascinating insight into a the history of a very important piece of Scottish culture and heritage I will highly recommend” 10/2/14


“Interesting, surprisingly fun and big!” 16/11/13

“Very interesting and informative, makes you appreciate the Fishing Industry on a different level!” 13/11/13

“Fabulous Museum, excellent quizzes and worksheets for the children and hands on exhibits. Thoroughly enjoyed and will recommend!” 31/10/13

“We had fun doing the quiz! Lovely Museum. Thank you!” 29/10/13

“Both myself and my daughter enjoyed our visit. Very informative and lots of hands on things for children, Thank you!” 22/7/13

“Amazing -one of the most interesting Museums I have visited!” 15/5/13

“I visited here 20 years ago ,fantastic to see how the Museum has developed very interesting and extremely good value for money” 21/3/13


“This is our second visit, still found plenty to see! A well laid out interesting display of fishing boats and related items- very good! We will return again next year. We remembered the warm welcome and the great cafe too” 31/8/12

“Wow! Not to be missed”. 1/6/12

“Superb, so much to see and think about. Beautiful displays and stunning models of boats” 9/5/12


“My wife thinks I am lost - I’ve been in here for 5 hours!! A great museum” 16/9/11

“Excellent museum - love the social as well as commercial and technological history. Just terrific!” 25/8/11

“We had a great time. The kids enjoyed the quiz questions, there was so much to see and read about- the boat exhibits were a big surprise” 12/7/11

Come and visit us and see for yourself!

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